The Best Ways to Choose the Color of Roof Shingles

The roof is a crucial element of the overall look of your house. Understanding the different ways to choose the right color for your shingles or metal roof will guarantee that your house will have an appealing look, but will also perform well based on the weather in your region. The style of house and roofing structure will also influence your choice of roofing material and colors.

Metal Roofing Example

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1. Consider your local environment.

The color of your shingles will help keep energy costs down. The actual color of the roofing material you choose can impact the internal temperature of the attic by as much as 20 to 40 degrees and the overall energy bills.

White or light colors mirror sunlight and help keep the temperature level of your house down. While dark colors absorb heat and will assist homes in colder climates remain warm. They likewise help melt snow and ice from your roof.

2. Try to coordinate the color of your roofing system with the colors of other elements of your house such as bricks, wood siding, stone or stucco.

Dark grey or black material work well with a grey stucco or blue tint influenced residence.
Use a brown or mix of cream and brown roof shingles if you have a brown, cream or tan colored home.
Use dark gray or black on a white house. It will provide your house a classic appearance.
Environment-friendly, red or yellow-painted homes offer you more flexibility in choice with roofing color. You can utilize vibrant colors or go more conservative with brown, grey or black.

3. Think about what statement you want your home of make. Curb appeal will add to the value of your home.

Neutral colors are safe and will remain in style for several years. They help guarantee a good resale value. Tans, creams, brown, blacks, grays and clays are amongst colors which can be thought about neutral.

If you wish to be trendier, consider utilizing color mixes such as a palate of different tones of brown or a mixture of reds, blues, blacks and grays. Be sure to talk to a roof expert to obtain a professional looking roof that matches your home and fits well in the neighbourhood.
High-contrast colors highlight functions of your house while low-contrast colors tend to conceal flaws.

4. Make the right impression.

Dark colors have the tendency to make houses look smaller while lighter colors do the reverse.

5. Remember your neighbors when you prepare to put on a brand-new shingle or metal roof.

Check with your neighborhood association, if you have one, to make sure your option of roof color or material does not break any neighborhood guidelines or covenants.
Even if you don’t have set policies to follow, consider exactly how your roof will look alongside your neighbor’s house. Attempt not to copy their roof unless that is the standard in your area. On the other hand, do not to make it clash either. Make sure final outcome is harmonious.

6. Shop with care.

Take samples of all the colors currently in your home’s exterior to your roofing contractor or to the structure supply store if you plan to roof your house yourself. Take time to talk to a professional about the best color option for your new roofing.

7. Accentuate the architectural style of your home.

A Spanish design house might look excellent with red clay-colored roofing system shingles or metal roof tile which would imitate conventional clay roofing tiles, for example. A casual cattle ranch residence could look excellent with a mix of colors while a conventional colonial would not.
Drive around numerous neighborhoods to get a concept of what color of roofing would look best on your house. Try to find residences similar to yours in color design and architectural style.

8. Check out the wide variety of product selections you will find in selecting a new roof.

Clay tiles are generally shades of red or tan. Today the color choices offer a wider spectrum from which to choose. Make certain your tiles have actually been fired in a kiln so the colors are baked in and will not fade over time.

Natural thin layers of slate can be utilized for roofing material but this kind of material is rather pricey. Although there is variety, colors are limited to those discovered in nature.
Concrete tiles can be made to look like wood shakes, slate or clay tiles and can be found in a wide range of colors.

Metal roofs typically can be found in sheets which give your roofing a unique appearance using long vertical lines. Today, however, metal roof can be made to look like wood shakes, composite shingles or even clay tiles. Metal roofing is energy efficient, fire resistant and strong.

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